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End of life announcement: Debian 10, EL7

Peter van Dijk on Jun 28, 2024

At the end of June 2024, both Debian 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (and, with it, CentOS 7) will reach the end of their Security Support (or in the Debian case, Long Term Support).

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PowerDNS supports the launch of 1&1’s 5G network

Neil Cook on Jan 26, 2024

At the end of last year, 1&1 announced the availability of its 5G network for mobile internet subscribers in Germany – this made 1&1 the fourth network provider in Germany, alongside Deutsche Telekom, Vod...

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OpenWrt Repositories for DNSdist Now Available from PowerDNS

Andrea Carpani on Jul 13, 2023

OpenWrt, the popular open-source GNU/Linux distribution for embedded devices (typically wireless routers), enables users to fully customize and enhance their networking devices. One of the key strengths of OpenWr...

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Introducing the new PowerDNS website

Robert Brandt on Jun 16, 2023

Dear powerdns.com visitors, The powerdns.com website, maintained and occasionally updated by the PowerDNS Engineering team, has always been our way to provide information and

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PPF Telecom Group chooses Allot’s PowerDNS-based DNS Secure

The Editorial Team on Jun 02, 2023

PPF Telecom Group has chosen Allot DNS Secure, based on PowerDNS, to provide cybersecurity services to the customers of their subsidiary mobile service providers O2 and Yettel.

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PowerDNS works with Allot to integrate PowerDNS technology into the Allot S...

Neil Cook on Jan 13, 2021

Israel-based Allot, a provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide, is well aware of the performance, scalability and cost-challenges that com...

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Goodbye DNS, Goodbye PowerDNS!

Bert Hubert on Nov 27, 2020

After over 20 years of DNS and PowerDNS, I am moving on. Separate from this page, I am releasing a series of three huge posts on the history of PowerDNS, so I won’t dwell too much on that here. This is not an eas...

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Open-Xchange awarded grant to further develop privacy and trust enhancing t...

Chris Holder on May 05, 2020

Open-Xchange is committed to a borderless internet that is open, safe and free, allowing users to protect their data and privacy. To achieve this, we develop tried and trusted, open source-based products that can...

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Security Notice for PowerDNS+Postgres Users

Peter van Dijk on Aug 01, 2019

Hello, Last Tuesday we published PowerDNS Security Advisory 2019-06, which called for a schema update if you are using PostgreSQL with the Authoritative Server. We have now released updated packages for the 4.0.x...

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How PowerDNS is Open Source & a successful business, or, why are we tal...

Bert Hubert on May 07, 2019

What does PowerDNS actually do? This is a good question, one we can ask about any company. How do they stay alive, what services do they deliver, who do they sell them to? For Open Source companies, the question ...

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