OpenWrt Repositories for DNSdist Now Available from PowerDNS

Jul 13, 2023

OpenWrt, the popular open-source GNU/​Linux ​distribution for embedded devices ​(typically wireless routers), enables users to fully customize and enhance their networking devices. One of the key strengths of OpenWrt is its package management system, which allows users to install additional software to extend the capabilities of their routers. Following the release of DNSdist 1.8 earlier this year, which added support for OpenWrt and optimizations for the resource-constrained environments typically found on CPEs/routers, we have now introduced dedicated OpenWrt repositories for DNSdist. This should make it even easier for anyone wanting to upgrade the DNS capabilities of their router to get started. DNSdist, a powerful DNS load balancer designed to handle high volumes of DNS traffic efficiently, includes protection against malicious and abusive traffic, and comes with the crucial DNS encryption support for DoH and DoT.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of our dedicated OpenWrt repositories for DNSdist:

Two Package Versions for Different Needs

PowerDNS's OpenWrt repositories for DNSdist offer two package versions to cater to varying requirements. The ‘dnsdist-full’ package version provides the complete feature set of DNSdist and is suitable for devices with ample memory resources. However, we recognize the need for DNSdist on low-end devices as well. To address this, we’ve developed a pared-down version, simply called ‘dnsdist,’ which has a smaller memory footprint, making it ideal for resource-constrained routers. This flexibility ensures that users can deploy DNSdist on a wide range of OpenWrt devices, regardless of their hardware capabilities.

Up-to-Date Packages of latest version

One of the standout advantages of PowerDNS's OpenWrt repositories is the commitment to offering the latest versions of DNSdist. As a leading provider of DNS solutions, PowerDNS is at the forefront of DNS technology, constantly introducing updates and enhancements. With these repositories, OpenWrt users can enjoy the benefits of the most recent DNSdist releases, ensuring they have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

Seamless Integration into PowerDNS's delivery process ensure continuous latest version access

PowerDNS's OpenWrt repositories are tightly integrated into our delivery process. This means that as soon as a new DNSdist version is released, it undergoes thorough testing and validation before being made available in the repositories. This integration ensures that the packages provided by PowerDNS are of the highest quality and reliability. OpenWrt users can confidently install DNSdist from PowerDNS's repositories, knowing that they are getting a fully integrated and well-tested package.

To sum up, OpenWrt users seeking a powerful and flexible DNS load balancer and traffic manager can now easily install DNSdist from PowerDNS's repositories, making it a valuable addition to their networking setup. Whether you have a high-end router or a low-end device, PowerDNS's OpenWrt repositories for DNSdist provide the flexibility, timeliness, and reliability needed to support encrypted DNS and enhance DNS management on OpenWrt-powered networks.

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Andrea Carpani

Andrea Carpani

PowerDNS Product Manager


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