Introducing the new PowerDNS website

Jun 16, 2023

Dear visitors,

The website, maintained and occasionally updated by the PowerDNS Engineering team, has always been our way to provide information and resources to our extensive community of open-source contributors and users. After the 2015 merger with Open-Xchange, this mission for the website remained intact, though those looking for commercial support were increasingly directed to the Open-Xchange website. In the intervening years, as our suite of open- and closed-source software has expanded and our reputation has solidified as a top-tier vendor of commercial software and delivery services, it became increasingly evident that we needed to bring both worlds together on our website.

Far from marking a change of course for PowerDNS, the website now better reflects our combined efforts – both commercial, as well as our continuing commitment to our community, open-source software, and a free and open Internet. As such, our community contributors and users will continue to find the information and resources they are accustomed to, and there will be regular blogs written by familiar faces from the Engineering team. The biggest change will be the approachability of the site for any users seeking commercial solutions, as we have brought that information together in an easy-to-understand way.

Here are a few highlights of what to expect of the new website:

  • Enhanced User Experience:
    The new PowerDNS website boasts a modern, intuitive design that offers an enhanced user experience. With improved navigation, visitors can effortlessly explore the wealth of information and resources available for commercial solutions and community versions. Whether you are a seasoned DNS administrator, a developer, or simply curious about DNS technology, the website's updated layout ensures that you can quickly find answers to any DNS-related questions and issues you may have.

  • Blog, News and Updates:
    We have brought all our communications into one place. Users can now stay up to date with the latest developments, feature releases, security advisories, and other relevant announcements relating to the PowerDNS products, along with opinion pieces and insights into the wider market. All our brochures, whitepapers and case studies are clearly organized and made available here, along with access to our documentation.

  • Collaboration with the Open-Source Community:
    PowerDNS has always thrived on its strong community, and the new website strengthens this collaborative spirit. It offers various avenues for community engagement, including forums, mailing lists, and IRC channels, where users can connect, seek help, and share their experiences. It also keeps encouraging users to contribute to the project – whether that's through bug reports, feature suggestions, or code contributions, PowerDNS welcomes community involvement. The website highlights various ways to get involved, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and innovation. This dynamic community ecosystem embodies our open-source ethos, where everyone can come together to improve and shape the future of DNS technology.

Lastly, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please have a look through our content and let us know of your thoughts as well as any issues you may have come across through this form: 

On that last note, and without further delay, we will leave you to it and hope to stay in touch.

About the author

Robert Brandt

Robert Brandt

Managing Director at PowerDNS


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Introducing the new PowerDNS website

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