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PowerDNS Jobs, 4.1 roadmap, DNSSEC research

Bert Hubert on Feb 07, 2017

Hi everyone, In this post, we want to mention a few things: PowerDNS Jobs, 4.1 plans & some DNSSEC research. First, PowerDNS is growing rapidly as more and more large scale service providers displace closed D...

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PowerDNS: 2016 in review

Bert Hubert on Dec 27, 2016

Hi everyone, As 2016 draws to a close, we’d like to share a few words on what has been achieved over the past year, our second year within Open-Xchange. This post will cover both our technical and commercial effo...

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Some good news on powerdns.org

Bert Hubert on Oct 26, 2016

Way way back in the history of PowerDNS, we bought the full suite of domain names for our new company: powerdns.com, powerdns.net, powerdns.org. Alternate names for the company we considered at the time were ‘Sup...

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An important update on new PowerDNS Products

Bert Hubert on Feb 23, 2016

Hi everybody, This is a heads-up on some announcements you will be seeing on powerdns.com relating to new PowerDNS products which (gasp) are not fully Open Source. We know this is a sensitive subject, so before w...

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Open Source Support: out in the open

Bert Hubert on Jan 18, 2016

As an Open Source project, PowerDNS works hard to support its users and customers. We also love to work with our collaborators, our community, on projects inside and outside of PowerDNS. This way we’ve contribute...

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2015 in numbers

Pieter Lexis on Dec 31, 2015

While the close of 2015 nears, we want to share some geeky stats over the past year. Let’s start with the company: number of new employees: 2. And the number of companies PowerDNS merged with: 1! As for the softw...

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The PowerDNS Spring Cleaning

Bert Hubert on Nov 28, 2015

Hi everybody, In this post we’d like to update you on what has been achieved in the development of the PowerDNS 4.x products: Authoritative, Recursor and dnsdist. First, I am very proud that we managed to do a “s...

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Providing first tier support – Why writing and owning your software is crit...

Bert Hubert on Aug 18, 2015

The recently exposed denial-of-service vulnerability in a popular DNS server implementation really highlights the benefits of software providers writing and owning the software that they deliver to internet servi...

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DNS: Your customer’s gateway to the Internet

Bert Hubert on May 21, 2015

PowerDNS and Dovecot joined the Open-Xchange family at WorldWostingDay 2015 in Rust

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Important Update for Security Advisory 2015-01

Peter van Dijk on May 01, 2015

Last week, we released Security Advisory 2015-01, with text suggesting that only specific platforms were seriously affected. We must now report that this was incorrect: all platforms are impacted. The advisory ha...

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