Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert
Principal, PowerDNS

DNS-OARC Spring Workshop 2015

Bert Hubert on May 11, 2015

This weekend, PowerDNS attended the DNS-OARC Spring Workshop 2015 in force, with 100% attendance. I shamefully have to admit this is the first time I’ve gone to an OARC workshop, but I was well rewarded. Both the...

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PowerDNS and Open-Xchange agree to merge

Bert Hubert on Mar 24, 2015

(Peter van Dijk, Bert Hubert, Rafael Laguna, Mikko Linnamäki, Markku Kenttä, Timo Sirainen) Hi everybody, We’re currently at World Hosting Days in Rust Germany, where we just announced that PowerDNS will be joini...

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World Hosting Days & Private Graphs as a Service!

Bert Hubert on Mar 17, 2015

Hi everybody, Two announcements in one: First, like 7000 others, we’ll be visiting World Hosting Days in Rust, Germany next week. Peter, Pieter and I will be there, as will be two of our wonderful Certified Consu...

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Introducing dnsdist: DNS, abuse- and DoS-aware query distribution for optim...

Bert Hubert on Mar 11, 2015

Over the years, PowerDNS users have frequently asked us about our preferred DNS load balancing solution, and we’ve never had a satisfying answer for that. Users of dedicated hardware often tell us that vendors sp...

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PowerDNS development plans: 4.x DNSSEC, C++ 2011!

Bert Hubert on Feb 23, 2015

In this post, we’d like to share our current plans for .. PowerDNS 4.x! We shared this first with the PowerDNS-development community, and after we gathered feedback, we’re now announcing it more broadly. The tl;d...

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New PowerDNS employee, the importance of testing RCs, skipping 3.7.0, World...

Bert Hubert on Feb 12, 2015

Hi everybody, Some assorted remarks & PowerDNS news: 1) New employee 2) Please test our release candidates 3) 3.7.0 has been skipped, all hail 3.7.1 4) World Hosting days in Germany New employee To start with...

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An introduction to PowerDNS Recursor 3.7.0

Bert Hubert on Jan 22, 2015

Today we released the first Release Candidate (RC) of PowerDNS Recursor 3.7.0. And although we do document (almost) all of our features, documentation is not the same as effectively informing our users of what ou...

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PowerDNS “Graphing as a Service”

Bert Hubert on Dec 11, 2014

Over the past few months,we’ve worked on our graphing tool, which has proved to be a wonderful aid in debugging. If you want to get the best help from us in diagnosing your problems, read on. PowerDNS Authoritati...

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PowerDNS Security Advisory 2014-02

Bert Hubert on Dec 08, 2014

PowerDNS Security Advisory 2014-02: PowerDNS Recursor 3.6.1 and earlier can be made to provide bad service Hi everybody, Please be aware of PowerDNS Security Advisory 2014-02, which you can also find below. The g...

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PowerDNS Security Status Polling

Bert Hubert on Oct 22, 2014

PowerDNS software sadly sometimes has critical security bugs. Even though we send out notifications of these via all channels available, our recent security releases have taught us that not everybody actually fin...

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