Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert
Principal, PowerDNS

Security Update: PowerDNS Recursor 3.6.1

Bert Hubert on Sep 10, 2014

Hi everybody, We regret that we have to announce a PowerDNS Recursor security release: Issue: A specific sequence of packets can crash PowerDNS Recursor 3.6.0 remotely CVE: CVE-2014-3614 Affected: All deployments...

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Problems posting to our mailing lists

Bert Hubert on Aug 15, 2014

Hi everybody, Over the past few months, we’d been receiving some reports of people having problems posting to our lists. At first, it appeared the problem was caused by subscribers emailing to the wrong list addr...

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PowerDNS Jobs: are you available?

Bert Hubert on Jun 19, 2014

Hi everybody, In short: there is a market for (small) PowerDNS jobs, and if you are available for such work, read on for where we’ll be sending people who need PowerDNS work done! The longer story: As PowerDNS us...

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A surprising discovery on converting IPv6 addresses: we no longer prefer ge...

Bert Hubert on May 21, 2014

Yesterday, we were contacted by PowerDNS user James Baer who noted strange crashes in PowerDNS (on Linux) upon adding thousands and thousands of IP addresses to his system. Notably, PowerDNS did not even use any ...

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How to talk to an open source software project as a large scale or otherwis...

Bert Hubert on May 05, 2014

The very short version: if you contact an open source project anonymously, you may not get the best help. Feel free to also reach out privately and share that your post from is actually (say) from a ver...

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On PowerDNS.COM and Express PowerDNS.NET Hosting by Trilab

Bert Hubert on Apr 13, 2014

Hi everybody, This post serves to clarify why we (‘PowerDNS.COM’) can’t help you with issues with Express PowerDNS.NET hosting by Trilab. The short version is: they are a fully different company, and we have no a...

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Related to recent DoS attacks: Recursor configuration file guidance

Bert Hubert on Feb 06, 2014

Hi everybody, Over the past week we’ve been contacted by a few users reporting their PowerDNS Recursor became unresponsive under a moderate denial of service attack, one which PowerDNS should be expected to weath...

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RIPE 66, PowerDNS and DNS64/NAT64

Bert Hubert on May 17, 2013

Last week we visited the RIPE 66 conference in Dublin where Bert Hubert presented on “how to make an application fully IPv6 compliant”. After the presentation, Terry Froy from Spilsby Internet Solutions approache...

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Contributing PowerDNS tests: unit tests

Bert Hubert on May 07, 2013

Each and every PowerDNS change is tested by our Jenkins continuous integration setup, as hosted on The more tests we have, the more valuable this setup becomes, and in this post you...

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PowerDNS completes move to GitHub!

Bert Hubert on May 02, 2013

Hi everybody, After a serious amount of work, we’ve completed the move to GitHub. We have successfully migrated all tickets, branches, tags, commits, attachments and patches from our old Subversion and Trac serve...

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