PowerDNS and Open-Xchange agree to merge

Mar 24, 2015


(Peter van Dijk, Bert Hubert, Rafael Laguna, Mikko Linnamäki, Markku Kenttä, Timo Sirainen)

Hi everybody,

We’re currently at World Hosting Days in Rust Germany, where we just announced that PowerDNS will be joining the Open-Xchange family of companies.  Last week it was also announced that the famous Dovecot IMAP server project is now a part of OX too.

Update: The Register and The WHIR covered the news!

We’ve been working with Timo and his team at Dovecot and with the OX Team in Email Security projects and are already sharing personnel and infrastructure with each other and the cooperation works really well for all of us.

From the Open-Xchange website: “With over a decade of developing open-source software, Open-Xchange believes that only by engineering ruthlessly open products and services can the next generation of innovation emerge on the web. “Stay Open” contains many aspects of how we develop, engineer and deploy our products together with and for client-partners.”

We fully believe in that mission, and are glad that PowerDNS will become part of the Open-Xchange family. It will be great to have Timo and friends from Dovecot as cousins!

We’ll share more details of what the merger will and will not mean, but rest assured PowerDNS will stay as open and as community friendly as it has ever been.

Meanwhile, if you are at WHD, please come meet us at the Open-Xchange booth!

Bert, Peter and Pieter


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Bert Hubert

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