Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert
Principal, PowerDNS

PowerDNS & CVE-2015-7547: possible mitigation

Bert Hubert on Feb 17, 2016

Since yesterday we have been following and studying CVE-2015-7547. More about which here. In short, this is a vulnerability not in PowerDNS products but in the Linux C library. This vulnerability could be exploit...

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PowerDNS Authoritative: the new old way to manage domains

Bert Hubert on Feb 02, 2016

This is the third post in a series that highlights interesting new features of the PowerDNS 4.x.x and dnsdist 1.x.x releases. I (Bert) have to admit something. Even though I set out to write a database driven nam...

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Per device DNS settings: selective parental control

Bert Hubert on Jan 27, 2016

This is the second post in a series that highlights interesting new features of the PowerDNS 4.x.x and dnsdist 1.x.x releases. As noted previously, in some organizations it is desirable to filter access to some d...

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Efficient & optional filtering of domains in Recursor 4.0.0

Bert Hubert on Jan 19, 2016

As we gear up for the release of PowerDNS Recursor 4.0.0, we are doing a series of posts describing new cool features which you can try out today. Many deployments are already running with 4.x alphas or snapshots...

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Open Source Support: out in the open

Bert Hubert on Jan 18, 2016

As an Open Source project, PowerDNS works hard to support its users and customers. We also love to work with our collaborators, our community, on projects inside and outside of PowerDNS. This way we’ve contribute...

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The PowerDNS Spring Cleaning

Bert Hubert on Nov 28, 2015

Hi everybody, In this post we’d like to update you on what has been achieved in the development of the PowerDNS 4.x products: Authoritative, Recursor and dnsdist. First, I am very proud that we managed to do a “s...

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Providing first tier support – Why writing and owning your software is crit...

Bert Hubert on Aug 18, 2015

The recently exposed denial-of-service vulnerability in a popular DNS server implementation really highlights the benefits of software providers writing and owning the software that they deliver to internet servi...

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PowerDNS at Open-Xchange Summit in Berlin, 8-9 October 2015

Bert Hubert on Jul 15, 2015

Hi everybody! Since we are now happily part of Open-Xchange, together with our friends at Dovecot IMAPd, we will also be present at the Open-Xchange summit in Berlin, October 8-9 this year. This is a free event, ...

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What is a PowerDNS Backend? And how do I make it send an NXDOMAIN?

Bert Hubert on Jun 23, 2015

PowerDNS is a dynamic nameserver, with a ton of backends. If the supplied backends aren’t flexible enough, our architecture enables operators to write their own, or to use one of our forwarding backends (Pipe and...

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DNS: Your customer’s gateway to the Internet

Bert Hubert on May 21, 2015

PowerDNS and Dovecot joined the Open-Xchange family at WorldWostingDay 2015 in Rust

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