Problems posting to our mailing lists

Aug 15, 2014

Hi everybody,

Over the past few months, we’d been receiving some reports of people having problems posting to our lists. At first, it appeared the problem was caused by subscribers emailing to the wrong list address. We have told a few of you that it was your fault.

It turns out that even though we know a thing or two about DNS, we managed to mess up our own. ‘’ was a CNAME. This in turn led some mail transfer agent software to rewrite posts to pdns-users at to pdns-users at, and this would then fail within mailman.

We want to apologize for 1) causing this mess and 2) blaming our users for it. Sorry.

Thanks to Leo, Winfried and Ruben for nagging us about the issue. You were right.

The situation has now been resolved, and you should no longer have problems posting to our lists.


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Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert

Principal, PowerDNS


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