PowerDNS completes move to GitHub!

May 2, 2013

Hi everybody,

After a serious amount of work, we’ve completed the move to GitHub. We have successfully migrated all tickets, branches, tags, commits, attachments and patches from our old Subversion and Trac servers. This careful move allows us to continue to benefit from the 10+ years of development history.

So, what does this mean? GitHub is about Social Coding and taking away all friction between actual development and integration in the main product. As we had been running a GitHub bridge for the past few months already, we knew the potential was great, but the initial results have been stunning nonetheless.

If you are a developer, or into DevOps, you can now easily fix your bug and submit your fix as a pull request. Even better, simply doing so triggers a Continuous Integration test of your work so that by the time we look at your contribution, it comes attached with a small notice that it passed our regression testing (via Travis). This makes it very easy for us to press the ‘Merge’ button.

In just a few days, several important contributions have already made it into the mainline PowerDNS source this way.

There are several other ways of engaging with the PowerDNS community, and we’d like to reiterate them here:

  • GitHub has our issues & our code. This is the place to report problems you want solved and to share your contributions.
  • Mailing lists. Our mailing lists have over a thousand members, and are a great place to ask questions, voice suggestions or discuss your issues. More details can be found here.
  • IRC channel. This is a realtime instant messaging environment where over a hundred active PowerDNS users hang out. This is a very good place to discuss ‘work in progress’ or get quick feedback. More information can be found here (last bullet in the first list).
  • For a low-bandwidth stream of high quality information, please follow our tweets.
  • The newly launched PowerDNS  blog.
  • Snapshot builds. Each commit leads to the automatic generation of packages for a variety of operating systems and architectures. By testing your issue against such a snapshot, your bug report becomes a lot stronger (‘not fixed even in the latest snapshot’).
  • Looking for a job? Looking for a PowerDNS expert? Look no further than our LinkedIn Group!

Hope to see you there!

About the author

Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert

Principal, PowerDNS


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