PowerDNS at Open-Xchange Summit in Berlin, 8-9 October 2015

Jul 15, 2015

Hi everybody!

Since we are now happily part of Open-Xchange, together with our friends at Dovecot IMAPd, we will also be present at the Open-Xchange summit in Berlin, October 8-9 this year. This is a free event, and you are invited!

Besides marketing presentations like ‘The Power of DNS to Engage More Customers’, we’ll also be having a serious technical presentation on Friday about PowerDNS. Feel free to invite your manager to the first presentation and join us for the second one 😉

Also important, the summit includes a ‘Bier-Xchange’, which also serves other things than beer, plus a party at the end.

All PowerDNS users are cordially invited to join the summit, which is free of charge: http://www.cvent.com/d/6rq9my/4W.

If you register, please drop us an email (powerdns.ideas @ powerdns.com) so we can invite you to the PowerDNS-specific gathering during the drinks and party.

Also: feel free to invite your manager to show that PowerDNS is a real company and more than some free software from the internet.


        Bert & Team

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Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert

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