On PowerDNS.COM and Express PowerDNS.NET Hosting by Trilab

Hi everybody,

This post serves to clarify why we (‘PowerDNS.COM’) can’t help you with issues with Express PowerDNS.NET hosting by Trilab.

The short version is: they are a fully different company, and we have no access to their servers and hardware, so even though we’d love to help you, we can’t. Here’s the long version.

A long time ago, around 1999, when the .COM boom was still in full force, we launched PowerDNS, initially as a software company, to which we later added DNS hosting. PowerDNS and a company called Trilab then resided in the same building and had substantial shared ownership and management.

Over the years, PowerDNS and Trilab have drifted apart, no longer share a building, have no shared management and are fully separate companies. Trilab kept PowerDNS.NET, we (PowerDNS.COM) took the nameserver software.

We, PowerDNS.COM, are not involved in the operation of PowerDNS.NET. However, because we parted as friends, we were fine with Trilab continuing to use the name ‘PowerDNS’ and our logo. In fact, we’re still friends.

Because the internet is a harsh place, Express PowerDNS.NET Hosting by Trilab is often the victim of Denial of Service attacks. The PowerDNS.NET low cost model means that there is no 24 hour support number for their services. However, we (PowerDNS.COM) do operate such 24/7 support, and we frequently get called at all hours of the day to inform us of issues over at Trilab, which we can’t solve.

Q: Why does Express PowerDNS.NET have such frequent issues?

A: Please ask them, but if we’d have to guess and from what we observe, substantial Denial of Service attacks are probably involved. It is not easy to defend against such attacks.

Q: Is PowerDNS.NET down because of PowerDNS software problems?

A: We don’t think so. PowerDNS can deal with over a million packets/s on well-tuned hardware.

Q: If PowerDNS.NET is such a separate company, why do they still use your logo?

A: We parted as friends, and we allowed them the use of the logo and name. UPDATE: They will drop the name & logo.

Q: I don’t believe you, PowerDNS.NET must be your service provider, you can’t just blame them!

A: Check for yourself, PowerDNS.COM runs on entirely different servers.

Q: I paid for this service!

A: Yes, but check your credit card statement, you did not pay us. You paid Trilab. Please ask them to help you.

Q: So if you can’t help me, who can?

A: The company that invoices you is Trilab.COM BV. When their servers are working, find out more about them on http://trilab.com/

Q: Should I call the PowerDNS.COM 24/7 support hotline if Express PowerDNS.NET by Trilab is down?

A: Please no, that 24/7 hotline eventually wakes up actual people who, in fact, can’t help you nor turn off their phones



  1. Emmanuel

    We hear you … Than you very much for that … I have been hosting for years with powerdns.net and never had a problem, not even once, this is i can say the first outage that has affected me directly … 6 servers routed through powerdns and all of them offline …. Since you guys are the best in this dns business, can you at least recommend another service to get us back online while we wait ?

  2. mbekezm

    For the record, they are back up … Here is a tweet from them

    Some of our ip’s have been nulled by our provider as traffic for them affected infrastructure and created latency/packet loss.”

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  4. dbostrom

    Thanks for the clarification. It’s a shame a decent little company such as Trilabs’ PDNS ends up being the victim of geopolitical resentments etc. Hard on customers, too. Hard on everybody, seems like. 🙂

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