Robert Brandt

Robert Brandt
Managing Director at PowerDNS

Introducing the new PowerDNS website

Robert Brandt on Jun 16, 2023

Dear visitors, The website, maintained and occasionally updated by the PowerDNS Engineering team, has always been our way to provide information and

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DNSdist as a router-ready solution

Robert Brandt on Apr 12, 2023

As you might have read, with the release of DNSdist 1.8, PowerDNS brings DNS encryption with DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) to CPEs and therefore protects the confidentiality and integrity of traffic...

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Managing the Facebook outage with DNSdist

Robert Brandt on Oct 08, 2021

Earlier this week, the world was thrown into turmoil by a six-hour outage of Facebook and its associated platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram.

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The new face of PowerDNS: GreenDNS

Robert Brandt on Apr 01, 2021

Hello! Today, we of the PowerDNS team are ready to unveil our bold new product strategy: GreenDNS. Admitting the following is quite painful, but to make a better world we must muster the courage to be brutally ho...

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