Second Alpha Release of PowerDNS Recursor 4.4.0

Jul 20, 2020


We are proud to announce the second alpha release of what should become PowerDNS Recursor 4.4.0.

Compared to the first alpha release, this release mostly contains bug fixes and code cleanup. In particular, fixes already backported to the 4.3 release branch are included and a bug in the new shared cache code is fixed.

Please refer to the changelog for additional details.

The tarball (signature) is available at and packages for CentOS 6, 7 and 8, Debian Stretch and Buster, Ubuntu Xenial, Bionic and Focal are available from

Please send us all feedback and issues you might have via the mailing list, or in case of a bug, via GitHub.

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Otto Moerbeek

Otto Moerbeek

Senior Developer at PowerDNS


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