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Jul 24, 2017

Hi everyone,

As we are working on the 4.1 & 1.2 releases, please know you can also meet us in real life! We are just back from IETF in Prague, here is a list of other places where we will be present:

  • August 4th-8th: SHA 2017, Zeewolde, The Netherlands
    The famous 4-yearly Dutch hacker conference. Almost sold out. Bert will present on DNA (not DNS!) on Saturday: https://sha2017.org/blog/talk-highlight-dna-the-code-of-life-human-body-as-an-electric-io-system https://program.sha2017.org/events/31.html
  • September 8th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: NLNOG Day 2017
    NLNOG is is always fun and educational, and sponsored by PowerDNS too.
  • September 12, Sheffield, UK: UKNOF38
    Will feature a discussion on DNS-based internet filtering in the UK, both filtering on request and government mandated. We’ll be sure to chime in with our technical findings.
  • October 12-13, Brussels: OX Summit in Bruxelles
    We kindly invite you to join us with Delegates from Hosting, Telco, Mobile and Cable carriers for the 9th annual OX Summit to exchange the business intelligence and technology standards changing the Internet. We will delve deep into the technology, products and business advantages that OX ecosystem partners are experiencing. During both industry and product sessions, Open-Xchange leaders and Delegates will expose the opportunities transforming our industry and mutual success.

We hope to meet you there!

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Bert Hubert

Bert Hubert

Principal, PowerDNS


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