PowerDNS launches Lightning Stream for Cloud Control

Aug 1, 2023

A few weeks ago, PowerDNS added Lightning Stream to the PowerDNS Authoritative Server. We are happy to announce that since then Lightning Stream is also available for our cloud-native deployment solution PowerDNS Cloud Control.

Lightning stream synchronizes each PowerDNS Authoritative Server’s local LMDB DB with all other Authoritative Servers and supports multi-primary architectures. Based on LMDB backends, Lightning Stream provides speed and scalability through enabling one-way or two-way replication for efficient data transfers between authoritative instances in the same or different data centers. In turn, it also eliminates the requirement for complex and expensive hot standby primaries, as well as fragile zone transfers.

We introduced Lightning Stream at CloudFest 2023 and our positive assumptions about its usefulness were absolutely confirmed. Find more details about Lightning Stream, its benefits and how it works in the following video of the presentation at CloudFest.


Because of its benefits, LMDB with Lightning Stream is the default backend for cloud-native deployments of the PowerDNS Authoritative Server using PowerDNS Cloud Control. It enables simple integration of the Authoritative Server with S3 (or any backend compatible with the S3 API, such as Minio) for very fast replication and synchronization of zone data. In addition to the general Lightning Stream advantages, this allows incredibly easy deployment of authoritative DNS in different data centers.

Lightning Stream gives our customers a new, cloud-native friendly storage backend for DNS data, which eliminates a lot of the operational complexities of traditional database backend solutions, and yet provides similar scalability and native replication capability. It is part of our continuing efforts to drive innovation and ensure PowerDNS software is a future-proof solution for our customers.

Lightning Stream is already used by several PowerDNS customers. If you would like to learn more about Lightning Stream for PowerDNS Authoritative Server and Cloud Control, or need help to evaluate its implementation, please reach out to us.


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Neil Cook

Neil Cook

PowerDNS Head of Product

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