Fourth release candidate for dnsdist 1.4.0

Oct 25, 2019

We are very happy to announce the fourth release candidate of the 1.4.0 version of dnsdist. Unless a serious issue is discovered, we plan on releasing the final 1.4.0 release in a couple of weeks with no or very few changes from this release.

This version massively improves the metrics available regarding TLS usage and errors for DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS clients, as suggested by several large deployments.

It also fixes several minor issues, and improves the existing LogAction to make it much more useful for debugging and accounting purposes.

We want to thank everyone that contributed to the testing of the previous release candidates, and invite you to contribute to the testing of this hopefully last one!

Please see the dnsdist website for the more complete changelog and the current documentation.

Release tarballs are available on the downloads website.

Several packages are also available on our repository.

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Remi Gacogne

Remi Gacogne

Senior Developer at PowerDNS


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