FOSDEM 2020 DNS Developer Room Call for Participation

Hello DNS enthusiasts and other developers,

After a successful and packed DNS devroom at FOSDEM 2018 and 2019, we are happy to announce a half-day DNS devroom at FOSDEM 2020.

As with the last years, we hope to host talks anywhere from hardcore protocol stuff, to practical sessions for programmers that are not directly involved with DNS but may have to deal with DNS in their day to day coding or system administrators responsible for DNS infrastructure.

We have been allotted a room on Saturday 1 February 2020. We expect to schedule 30 minutes per talk, including questions, but if you need more or less time, we can discuss this.

If you have something you’d like to share with your fellow developers, please head to pentabarf at Examples of topics are measuring, monitoring, DNS libraries, anecdotes on how you’ve (ab)used the DNS, and group discussions of upcoming technologies. Here’s the 2019 schedule, for your inspiration: .

The deadline for submission is December 1st 2019. If you have a FOSDEM pentabarf account from a previous year, please use that account. Reach out to if you run into any trouble.

See you there!

The FOSDEM 2020 DNS Devroom organizers

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