Authoritative server 4.1.1 released

Released: 16th of Feburary 2018

This is the second release in the 4.1 train.

This is a bug-fix only release, with fixes to the LDAP and MySQL backends, the pdnsutil tool, and PDNS internals.

Changes since 4.1.1:

Bug Fixes

  • Backport: forbid label compression in alias wire format
  • Include unistd.h for chroot(2) et al. (Florian Obser)
  • Auth: fix out of bounds exception in caa processing, fixes #6089
  • Add the missing include to mplexer.hh for struct timeval
  • Auth: init openssl and libsodium before chrooting in pdnsutil
  • Auth: always bind the results array after executing a mysql statement
  • Ldap: fix getdomaininfo() to set this as di.backend (Grégory Oestreicher)
  • Ldapbackend: fix listing zones incl. axfr (Chris Hofstaedtler)
  • Ixfr: correct behavior of dealing with dns name with multiple records (Leon Xu)

Tarball (sig) is available on the downloads website. Packages for Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu are uploaded to our repositories.

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