Authoritative Server 3.3 RC2 available!

Jun 28, 2013


This a stability, bugfix and conformity update to 3.2. It improves interoperability with various validators, either through bugfixes or by catering to their needs beyond the specifications.

Changes between RC1 and RC2:

  • Added dnstcpbench tool, by popular demand.
  • We always shipped a static tools RPM; we now have a similar Debian package. All packages have been cleaned up a bit, and the binary collections are now consistent between RPM and Deb. New: pass –enable-tools to configure to have the tools included in ‘make all’ and ‘make install’.
  • commit 4d2e3f5: add selinux policy files
  • We would sometimes send a single NULL byte, or nothing at all, instead of an OPT record. Fixed in commit bf7f822commit 063076bcommit 90d361d.
  • commit 2ee9ba2: expand any-to-tcp to direct RRSIG queries
  • commit 5fff084commit e38ef51: drop no-op flag strict-rfc-axfrs, thanks Jelte Jansen.
  • commit f3d8902commit 7c0b859commit 5eea730: Implement MINFO qtype for better interaction when slaving zones from NSD (that contain MINFO). Thanks to Jelte Jansen.
  • commit 8655a42commit bf79c6acommit 38c941b: SRV record can have a ‘.’ as final field, from which we would dutifully strip the trailing ., leaving void, confusing everything. We now remove the trailing . in the right place, and not if we are trying to server ‘.’. Again thanks to Jelte & SIDN for catching this.
  • commit 70d5a66: improve error message in ill formed unknown record type, thanks Jelte Jansen for reporting.
  • commit 3640473: Built in webserver can now listen on IPv6, fixes ticket 843. Also silences some useless messages about timeouts.
  • commit 7db735ccommit d72166c: CHANGES BEHAVIOUR: before we launch, check if we can connect to the controlsocket we are about to obliterate. If it works, abort. Fixes ticket 841 and changes standing behaviour. There might be circumstances where PowerDNS now refuses to start, where it previously would. However, starting and making our previous instance mute wasn’t good.
  • commit 9130f9e: correctly refuse out-of-zone data in bindbackend, closes ticket 845
  • commit 3363ef7: initialise server-id after all parsing is done, instead of half way through. Fixes situations where server-id was emptied explicitly. Reported by Wouter de Jong
  • commit cd4f253: bump boost requirement, thanks Wouter de Jong
  • commit 58cad74: Update pdns auth init script so it works on wheezy
  • commit 8714c9c: clang fixes by Aki Tuomi, thanks!
  • commit 146601d: stretch supermasters.ip for IPv6, thanks Dennis Krul
  • commit 1a5c5f9: various remotebackend improvements by Aki Tuomi
  • commit 6ab1a11: make sure systemd starts PowerDNS after relevant databases have been started, thanks Morten Stevens.
  • commit 606018fcommit ee5e175commit c76f6f4: check scopeMask of answer packet, not of query packet!
  • commit 2b18bcf: Added warning if trailing dot is used, thanks Aki Tuomi.
  • commit 16cf913: make superfluous ‘bind’ NSEC3 record optional 

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Peter van Dijk

Peter van Dijk

Senior Developer at PowerDNS

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