Recursor 3.5.1 released

We’re happy to announce our first release from GitHub instead of SVN!

This is a stability and bugfix update to 3.5. It contains important fixes that improve operation for certain domains.

Changes since 3.5:

  • We now abort earlier while following endless glue or CNAME chains. Fix in commit 02d1742.
  • Some unused code would crash certain gcc versions on ARM. Reported by Morten Stevens, fixed in commit 5b188e8.
  • The 3.5 fix for ticket 731 was too strict, causing trouble with at least one domain. Reported by Aki Tuomi, check slightly relaxed in commit 4134690.
  • Automake/autoconf now use non-deprecated syntax. Reported by Morten Stevens, change in commit ca17ef2.


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