Authoritative server 4.1.2 released

This is the third release in the 4.1 train. Besides bug fixes, it contains some performance and usability improvements.

Please find the most important changes below. For full details, visit the changelog.


  • API: increase serial after dnssec related updates
  • Dnsreplay: bail out on a too small outgoing buffer
  • lower ‘packet too short’ loglevel
  • Make check-zone error on rows that have content but shouldn’t
  • avoid an isane amount of new backend connections during an axfr
  • Report unparseable data in stoul invalid_argument exception
  • recheck serial when axfr is done
  • add tcp support for alias

Bug Fixes

  • allocate new statements after reconnecting to postgresql
  • bindbackend: only compare ips in ismaster() (Kees Monshouwer)
  • Rather than crash, sheepishly report no file/linenum
  • Document undocumented config vars
  • prevent cname + other data with dnsupdate

Tarball (sig) is available on the downloads website. Packages for Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu are uploaded to our repositories.

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