PowerDNS 2.x End of Life Statement

PowerDNS 2.x End of Life Statement

21st of May 2015

PowerDNS Authoritative Server 2.9.22 was released more than 6 years ago, in January 2009. Because of its immense and durable popularity, some patch releases have been provided, the last one of which ( was made available over three years ago in January 2012.

The 2.9.22.x series contains a number of probable and actual violations of the DNS standards. In addition, some behaviours of 2.9.22.x are standards conforming but cause interoperability problems in 2015. Finally, and earlier are impacted by PowerDNS Security Advisory 2012-01, which means PowerDNS can be used in a Denial of Service attack.

Although we have long been telling users that we can no longer support the use of 2.x, and urging upgrades to 3.x, with this statement we formally declare 2.x end of life.

This means that any 2.x issues will not be addressed. This has been the case for a long time, but with this statement we make it formal.

To upgrade to 3.x, please consult the instructions on how to upgrade the database. If you need help with upgrading, we provideĀ migration services to our supported users. If you are currently running 2.9.22 and need help to tide you over, we can also provide that as part of a support agreement.

But we urge everyone to move on to PowerDNS Authoritative Server 3.4 or later – it is a faster, more standards conforming and more powerful nameserver!

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